About Puncher's Chance™

This is straight Kentucky bourbon with an uncompromising mission. A bourbon whose time has come – it’s distilled, aged and bottled ​all ​in the heart of Kentucky. Puncher’s Chance™ is made with heart and honor for those who know how far they’ve come. For those who have the courage and strength to do what others won’t. For those who believe they can win against all odds with one swing. For that is truly the Puncher’s Chance.

Our Process

Crafted in the experienced hands of our Master Distiller, Kevin Curtis, a seasoned pro who refined his career as a former distiller of some of the most prestigious world-class bourbons. For Puncher’s Chance™, Kevin uses a marriage of 5 and 6-year bourbon barrels. The mash bill is a 90-proof combo of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% barley. A true Kentucky bourbon with distinct taste and mass appeal, Puncher’s Chance™ is inspired by two great American traditions: whiskey, and fighting for what we believe in.

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